Viedoc Study Build Training

  • Published by Viedoc System 2022-10-18
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The Viedoc Study Build Training program is available to all organizations that wish to build their studies in Viedoc. After completing the training program, the approved participants become certified Viedoc Designers and can independently build studies in Viedoc Designer. The training program is virtual. Participants learn to build studies, create forms, and edit checks using the Viedoc platform.


The training is online, and participants perform it in a Viedoc study on our training server. The participant is granted access and can immediately begin the training. The program includes video tutorials paired with relevant text-based eLearning material. An instructor from Professional Services is assigned to each customer to reply to questions and guide participants through the training program. In addition, you can set up calls with an instructor when required.


Once the participant has completed the training program, successfully answered all the quizzes (see an example below), and completed the required home assignments by building a simple study, the instructor issues the Viedoc Designer Certificate.


Participants can log in to perform the training and complete it according to their schedule. The recommended time to complete the training is around 2-3 weeks, including home assignments. Adequate time spent in the training program is estimated to be about 8-16 hours, but this will vary significantly between individuals based on previous experience.


No previous experience in database design or programming is required. However, prior experience in building studies is an advantage and would assist you in learning to build studies in Viedoc faster. Knowing JavaScript is also a plus! Builders can use JavaScript for advanced visibility conditions and edit checks in Viedoc. There are plenty of guides to help Designers use JavaScript, along with a JavaScript expression editor to aid experienced and new designers with their JavaScript expressions.

Continuous training

A certified Designer will still have access to the training study and can go back at any time to review lessons when needed. We recommend that all certified designers return to the training study for a refresher now and then. We will also release additional training sections when we release new functionality.

What's included?

  • A certificate for a completed and approved study build training.
  • Access to all study build training material, including video tutorials.
  • Access to the world-wide support channel, dedicated to certified Designers only and staffed by the Professional Services team at our headquarters and in our regional offices.
  • Access to the training server to build studies and test new system features and functionalities. You can track all of our new features in the Release Notes.
  • Access to a set of template studies through the eLearning. These can be copied and re-used as needed by the Designer.